We finished the first airway webinar today – I think it was fun – but the candidates preparing for the exam probably didn’t share the exactly the same sentiment 😩

Key lessons discussed:

Decide if a CRASH airway is appropriate
Decide if a DIFFICULT airway is expected by reviewing :

Difficult Laryngoscopy ? – LEMON mnemonic
Difficult BVM – MOANS mnemonic
Difficult LMA – RODS mnemonic
Difficult Cricothyrotomy – SMART mnemonic

What is your standard RSI technique ?
mine is :

Preoxygenate / Denitrogenate
Position well – head elevated / ramped
CMAC for laryngoscopy with bougie and ETT
Suxamethonium 1.5mg/kg for NMB
Ketamine 2-4mg/kg for induction

What is your standard rescue technique?
mine is :
BAG V mask —– spo2 >90%
intubating LMA —- spo2 >90%

FAILED AIRWAY algorithm / options need to be ready to roll

​Know the steps for Cricothyrotomy ( or needle cricothyrotomy in child <5 with jet insufflation)

​Have a plan for AWAKE ORAL INTUBATION – indications ? – likely Ketamine dissociation with local anaesthetic and CMAC or fiberoptic option to ‘have a look’
– chords seen – intubate or perform standard RSI
-chords not seen – ‘have one go’ at intubation – then proceed to surgical airway options

Have a look at the learning pack from Rosen’s