The first session of cardiology 2 has just wrapped up. It was a tough session with some tricky subjects covered. The team doing the session actually did very well considering the difficulty of the questions.

Takotsubo syndrome – review uptodate
– mimics acs, no CAD on angio, modest rise of trop too small for the level of distress and pain and cardiomyopathy present, apical hyokinesis on bedside echo,
mayo clinic criteria
bnp pro / tn I ratio most sensitive marker
physical stressors more prevalent then emotional stressors

VT – review uptodate
VT – concordance, av dissociation, NW axis, fusion or capture beats
VT vs wpw avrt – v4-v6 – ? negative ? qR – if not – consider wpw

Aortic Dissection – review uptodate or emedicine
​clinical features – risk stratification – complications – ecg findings – classifications – compare the tests – management
– aortic vlave leaf malcoaptation
– ant impulse therapy in ed
– learn infusion doses for esmolol / labetolol / metoprolol / SNIP
​- know to read a cross section CTA