How do I begin my exam prep
by Dr Zaahid Pandie

So many candidates start their prep for the exam without reviewing key information about the exam.

1. Go to the ACEM website and download the syllabus document with all the topics listed to be studied – create an archive either in print format or electronic
2. Review all the rules about the SAQ and MCQ/EMQ exams and utilise the documents provided by ACEM on these including their sample papers and questions
3. Cameron and Dunn are the local resources that have to be reviewed
4. Rosens is the best seminal text to read / use as a key resource for content knowledge
5. Tintinalli has excellent tables and diagrams to digest
6. UpToDate and EMedicine are indispensable resources
7. Local hospital / statewide guidelines are important sources of information eg Thrombolysis guidelines for acute stroke, Neck of Femur Fracture Pathways, and all the PEM guidelines from RCH or QCH
8. Any document or policy published or endorsed by ACEM is fair game for exam material
9. Meet with 3 or 4 ED consultants / DEMT’s and get their advice on how to approach the exam – no 1 approach fits every candidate
10. Review 2-3 ECG archive sites – LIFL / Dr Smith’s ECG blog are 2 good examples
11. Have an atlas of clinical pictures / dermatology to review
12. Have an atlas of eye and ENT conditions to review
13. Utilise 2/3 imaging atlases for CXR, CT and USS that need reviewing for each topic

Last but not least – sign up to the ‘ACE the ACEM Exam’ Program via this website !

Happy Studying
​Zaahid Pandie