Today we reviewed the issue of tachypnoea in adults and looked at the USS protocol for lungs to help diagnose the cause of tachypnoea.

Key resources to review include Rosens chapter on Dyspnoea and an uss online atlas to help with lung USS such as radiopedia.

Key dichotomy in tachypnoea is respiratory vs non respiratory causes.
non lung causes include :
cns – ich
cvs – heart failure
toxicological -salicylates eg
metabolic – acidosis / DKA

LUNG USS key points

A profile – means lung is aerated – asthma and cold and pe still possible

A’ profile – A lines but no lung sliding – pneumothorax, pleurodesis or fibrosis with loss of volume are main dd.

B profile – fluid in interstitial space – usually pulmonary oedema

A/B profile – focal areas with fluid accumulated suggests pneumonia

C profile – fluid in alveolus – consolidated lung – usually pneumonia

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