Many em doctors have asked what is the best way to prepare or practice MCQ’s.
I suggest the following :

Join ACE the ACEM ! We will cover about 100 MCQ’s in detail over 6 months during the course !

Have a look at
MCQ’s will be released on that sister site focusing on PEM topics with discussion of answers during the course.

An excellent text to review is
Emergency Medicine MCQ’s
by Waruna de Alwis and Yolande Weiner
It has a range of contributors ( including me 😁 – no financial interest though) and really covers the breadth of EM well.

Check out

Emcq practice

It has a large bank of mcq’s Written by facems who are involved in acem exam teaching. The commentary and references are pretty good.

A review of the MCQ packages attached with one of the main texts :

Rosen’s EM

Is a good way of covering all the syllabus. Because time is short – I suggest just going thru 1 of these packages combined with the above resources first.