This webinar introduced the topic of neurology and started with an exam favourite – seizures.

The approach to seizure classification – organic (trauma, infection, metabolic, toxin, ins lesion) vs idiopathic epilepsy (and its types eg generalised, myoclonic etc) and definitions around provoked and unprovoked seizures.

A consultant approach to managing:
Airway and critical threats
diagnosing the cause of the seizure
seizure termination

done in a seemless and simultaneous fashion.

A detailed approach to RSI and ongoing sedation in the SE patient

An appreciation of the important pivotal clinical features to look for followed by investigation approach.

The topics of first seizure approach vs second seizure is important.

A detailed review of status epileptics and drug knowledge is important and should be reviewed in Up To Date.

The table in Rosens on special seizure situations eg hyponatraemia / eclampsia and departures from standard therapy.