FACEM Reviews

I’d recommend  ‘Ace the ACEM’  to all ACEM trainees sitting their fellowship exams. The fellowship journey is a long and complex one; for which you really do need a guide that can show you where the expert knowledge lies, and more importantly how to answer it. Dr Pandie has for many years,  helped mentor, educate and support many many trainees through this process. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he is an enthusiastic educator and will really go out of his way to impart the level of knowledge required for the FACEM exam and future knowledge base as an ED Consultant.  

Dr Julia Bruce-Thomson


Zaahid is an avid teacher with decades of experience teaching doctors at various levels. I have attended his sessions numerous times over the last 10 years in various hospitals. This includes AMC exams, APEM course, ED Primary exams and the FACEM Written/ OSCE exams. Never have I been disappointed. In my success through all these exams, Zaahid has played a great role.
His logical explanation of clinical conundrums sticks to your brain.
The slide shows are wonderful. The pace is great. For the amount of free teaching he has done in all those years, it shows how enthusiastic a teacher he is.
Any candidate preparing for ED exams should take a look at his teaching. It will not disappoint. His courses are high yield and succinct. Highly recommended.

Dr Sangeeth


The “Ace the ACEM exam” program is an intensive face-to-face revision program that helped me consolidate the core material required for the exam. I particularly enjoyed the small group focus allowing detailed interrogation of knotty topics that needed consultant level clarification in the lead up to the exam. I highly recommend this course to ACEM fellowship exam candidates who are not just keen on getting through the exams, but also on high level exam content dissection. Beware of the intensity though, you’ll need bales of comfort food, a cask of caffeine and lots of adrenaline!

Dr Titiosi


An enjoyable & relevant review of all the main subjects for the ACEM fellowship exam. The X-ray and ECG sessions were great. Getting 5 mins or so to do a question then going through it together as a group I found really useful, hearing other candidates interpretations. The small group approach was very supportive and everyone has a chance to contribute. I’d highly recommend Ace the ACEM to anyone studying for the ACEM fellowship exam!

Dr Jo

ACEM Advanced Trainee, QLD

Ace the Acem is a great program. The team has vast knowledge in all things Emergency Medicine but also has experience in navigating the dreaded FACEM Fellowship exam. Attending these sessions were instrumental in helping me pass the fellowship exam. There is great focus on the high yield topics that will help you Ace the ACEM!

Dr Nandini

FACEM, Brisbane, May 2019

Highly recommended! If you have never been taught it, or too scared to ask it, this course will cover it! The cardiology workshop on paced ECGs was a highlight. The strength as a teacher, is dissecting a topic until each and every person understands it and offers a comprehensive program tailored not just to the ACEM fellowship exam but into making you a better clinician. Unlike any other course I’ve attended, FACEM level content was built around clinical context using case vignettes. This course forces you to focus on your weaknesses so that you can build on your strengths.

Dr Yana

ACEM Advanced Trainee