There are certain types of information for the exam and for practicing Emergency medicine that you simply have to have pre-prepared and ready to roll out at a moments notice.

My airway Template:

Click here for an example of my basic airway template. It starts out with simple manoeuvres and progresses all the way to a complicated procedure such as retrograde needle cricothyroidostomy seldinger intubation.

This serves as my ‘go to’ approach in most situations, a progression from the simple to the extremely complex.

Along with this template, it is important to develop a list of modifiers that you can preplan a change to this standard approach.

Common modifiers include:

neonates and children
geriatric patients
chemotherapy / immunocompromised
transplant patients
alcoholic patients
morbidly obese
abnormal neck morphology – acquired or inherited

this is not a comprehensive list

you will need to create an “A4” document for this too!
Other topics that will benefit from A4 documents include:

RSI – standard approach and variations based on modifiers
Resuscitation – standard approach and when to modify
List of modifiers
Transplant patients – list 15 things to modify or watch for
Obesity – may an A3 document
Spinal patients in ED
Chemotherapy patients / HIV positive immune compromise
IV drug users
Chronic alcoholics

Good chapters on these challenging patients exist in Rosens but also in UpToDate

​Hope this helps – happy studying!!🧐😰