Please review the site page ‘Intro to ACE the ACEM as these resources are listed there with some active links.

1. Use Rosen’s to review the core detail of a topic
2. Use Cameron for local context
3. Use UpToDate or Emedicine for detailed knowledge
4. Use Dunn when answering specific SAQ exam questions.
5. Acid Base resources are listed on the website
6. Radiology resources including suggested ultrasound and CT resources are listed on the ‘I tro’ section
7. Frank Shan’s App – Drug doses is an awesome resource for paediatric and adult dosages and infusions. It also has great formulae for Paediatrics which need to learnt for paeds questions.
8. Openairway is an excellent online free resource for airway management questions and resources
9. Harrison’s is very good for cns infections, and specific medical sections eg copd, arrythmias, GIT, Haem Onc etc.
10. EMCrit is a great online resource for specific critical care topics.

Hope that helps. Happy studying !